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Margaret Morales

Designer and Painter


Upcoming Shows and Events

January-February 2018: Operation Gaia, Changeling Artist Collective

March 10, 2018: Floriography, Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn (Group)

August 17-18, 2018: Get the Lead out X, Swoon Gallery, LA (Group)


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Featured Products

Blooming of Yvet-smallest-watermark.jpg

Blooming of Yvet

Original watercolor painting

La Vida framed.JPG

La Vida

Original watercolor framed art FOR SALE

Mellow Muse-square.jpg

Mellow Muse

Original watercolor framed art FOR SALE

Kaleena print.jpg


Limited Edition Print

Conejos Blancos print.jpg

Conejos Blancos

Limited Edition Print


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